Speculating about a long essay series

This post was originally written in 2013 and posted on a defunct blog. It’s been migrated here because I still think it’s worth sharing.

Once again, I’ve gone a while without writing here— and I think now I’m developing more energy to do it, with or without an audience, but my new challenge is that many of the thoughts I ought to write down are really all part of the same interconnected mega-essay. So maybe what I need to be writing is that giant monstrosity. It will obviously be in pieces. In advance, this is loosely what I’m considering— and if I think it turns out cohesively enough, it might become fodder for some kind of nonfiction print publication, assuming I can ever achieve such things.

Essay series: Violence & Violation

Cover entire interlaced network of existentialism 101 (Sartre), identity politics as a whole (various writers), sociobiology & anthropology of mutual aid & interdependence (Graeber, Kropotkin, others), labor relations (Marx, others), and consequently what violence means, how gender is enforced violently, how violence is gendered, and how revolting against global violations— violations being a special nuance of violence— requires a pragmatic, materialist understanding of reality plus uncompromising dedication to consent, consensus, and the destruction of class. Despite cited writers, try to avoid overdependence on others’ texts for making arguments, and assume no one will care about a citation without it being literally the only good way to say what could otherwise be paraphrased. I am really invested in saying things that other people MIGHT have already said before but that remain worth saying in my own words in light of how no one is perfect and I’d also just like to codify (albeit as a living document) my life-view.

Broad headings should include (at minimum):
I. Existentialism
II. From the Construction of Self to the Construction of Others
III. The Human Species as Social Animals
IV. Constructing Identity, as a Social Phenomenon
V. Task Performance
VI. From Classed Bodies to Gendered Bodies
VII. From Gendered Bodies to Colonized Bodies
VIII. Enforcement
IX. Violence vs. Violation
X. Freedom from Violation-by-Labels
XI. Freedom from Violation-by-Acts
XII. Freedom from Violation-by-Capital
XIII. Ending Monopolies of Violence
XIV. Humanity’s Violent Future

Secretly or not-so-secretly crucial topics will of course be revolutionary queerness, liberationist kink, sex positivity/negativity/alternatives, a shit ton of linguistics, and (because I am the wrong person to write too extensively about race, I just can’t EXCLUDE it) me referring everyone to Nell Irvin Painter a lot. If I give enough fucks I might try to summarize all my feelings about animal welfare and, by extension, the vegan movement; at a bare minimum, environmentalism will get discussed somewhere.

Stay tuned?


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