Pygmalion: The cast

As some of you following may be aware, my writing has been somewhat on hold for a few months while I direct my first show in many years, George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion. It’s my directing debut with Flat Earth; it also happens to be a play very near and dear to me. One of those bucket list plays.

We’re doing something rather different with this production— something you aren’t likely to see from anyone else— but for now, I’ll save my explanation and commentary here. I expect some other material that the company will release later should serve for me to link at that time. For now, let me tantalize with our recent cast announcement. Every one of these actors is brilliant, funny, and rapidly becoming dear to me. Give them a look, check out the production’s page on the Flat Earth site, follow #PygmalionUnderground on Twitter, and please start considering a ticket purchase! Again, many more details coming soon.


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