What am I up to?

Well, I never really followed up on posting more related to Pygmalion, did I? Quelle surprise: it’s hard to write about something that you’re directing as you direct it. And now it feels a bit late after the fact. Here are some other things I do hope to have news about soon in the next month or two, though…

• I might be doing some more New England area Tiresias readings/signings. Dates and locations are still pending, but if you missed the opportunity in June, you may yet have a couple chances.

• October is officially “finish my first play” month! I have the time to do so, and thus I really should. I offer no expectations or guarantees about the staging process, but the first draft is nearly complete, and I at least plan to have it vetted by betas, revised, given a private reading, and revised again. We’ll see where things go from there.


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