Tiresias: Second Edition Now In Paperback!

I was waiting to announce until I saw my own copy of it for myself, but I’m thrilled to let the world know that the second edition of Tiresias is not only available in e-book form but also in paperback. This edition is largely unaltered from the original, but I’ve updated it to reflect my new name choice for publications, and it looks substantially better. Even the paper feels better!

If you already own a copy of the first edition, I don’t know how I could urge you to buy a copy of the second, but do think about it! It’s guaranteed to be a better reading experience. Alternately, if you’ve still never read the book, or if you want to send some weird trans metafiction to a loved one for the winter holidays, now’s your new best shot.

Retail options: 9798201914448 is the ISBN. Currently available through IndieBound if you want to support local independent bookstores, which I urge anyone and everyone to do. You can also find the book through B&N, Books-A-Million, a few international sites, or (because I don’t have much control over this) Amazon.

Now my head’s going back down to keep writing Armes Prydein. I’m nearing the halfway mark on the first draft, and I might be on the verge of a really big announcement about how this 1-million-word project is going to ultimately get completed.


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