Six months of madness

I almost can’t believe that I last wrote here in late September. Every effort I make to post more here turns into something else. Well, no more resolutions there— in any case, I had important things calling me away from blogging for these past six or more months.

Some of the important things have been less than welcome. Throughout September and into probably February, I was locked in battle with one of the worst anxiety peaks I’ve yet known. I might directly process this through writing at some point, but if not, I’m sure the fruits of that struggle will manifest beneath the surface of something else. It was a very rough time. This space lost my attention. Now, of course, since the start of March I have been coping with my own iteration of covid disruptions. I am healthy, relatively safe, and not seeing many people, but the latter is the problem. This is another thing I might directly write about— both my isolation and the troubling relationship between covid and ecocrisis. I’m waiting to see how long certain changes last, though.

Despite all of the above, I’ve been able to make plenty of progress with more writing preparations for Armes Prydein. Thank hell. I’ve still wound up a little behind schedule, but not so much that I feel useless. We’re into the very home stretch on laying out all the story pieces. My new estimated timeline is that I might be properly drafting some chapters come June; then I’d still like the first draft to finish before May 2022. It might be possible, and all-remote work is helping with that. The silver lining. My husband remains vital to this process in more ways than one, too, and sometime I should probably post about what’s going on there.

In the interim, I’m once again reflecting on things I may not actually deliver on, but are worth jotting down here.

  • I am not retiring this blog, but because of how infrequently I’ve posted here, let alone done anything on social media as my professional persona, I’d like to reassess where/how/why I maintain an online writerly presence. Who’s really paying attention, for example? I know it’s not that many people. These considerations are going to go hand in hand with some realignment (eventually) around how much time, energy, and know-how I have for self-promotion and cold pitching, compared with what the contemporary publishing industry expects.
  • Ironically, perhaps: no promises, but maybe watch this space for news in the next few months, or year, or who knows, about some developments that might change up where I’m self-publishing and how much spread it gets. That’s all I can say for now; I have irons in multiple fires on this front.
  • Covid gave me an idea for a short story. What a surprise. And knowing me, it won’t really stay short. But I’m devilishly excited about it— emphasis on devilish.

Stay alive, and take care of your mental health, not just your physical health.

Llywelyn Jones

Once again, not dead

Once again, not dead… but this has definitely been a very preoccupying couple of months. I do hope to post some nice or at least important news, not just crotchety ramblings, but I will warn in advance that I don’t think it’s likely to happen this month. Now is as good a time as any to note that if you are not following me on Twitter, that is often where little tidbits of my life wind up when they don’t feel like they deserve a proper blog post. If you are not on Twitter, meanwhile, I can’t say it’s for everyone, but I will recommend it 10-1 over Facebook any day.

D. Llywelyn Jones

New look for the website, new work to do

I’ve had this site for about a year now— it seemed like the right time to improve the look. I’ll admit the old banner looked tacky, and even though I find white-on-black more readable and aesthetically pleasing, I couldn’t shake the feeling that a perfect stranger running across the page might find the look rather too Angelfire. This version looks less 1999, I hope. More literary. Something.

As an addendum, if you missed me saying so, I’m very pleased to report that Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus is now in the beta reading stage. My goals from this point forward are to conduct further revisions during late summer/autumn, to arrange a private reading by year’s end, to do one more revision round and a public reading by mid-2016, and then to have the play professionally produced by some point in 2018— the bicentennial of when Mary Shelley published her original novel. That is basically a three year ongoing project, and I expect some stagnant periods, therefore I’m also especially pleased to add that this summer I intend to seriously get to work on my second novel. This itself will easily take me years to complete even the first draft, because it’s going to be very long— though technically I’m not going to be writing it alone. I will leave you with that cryptic implication for the night.


Testing 1, 2, 3

Hello, all. I have resolved, for several reasons, to use this blog more, along with my Twitter account. I’m about to eat some dinner, so I have nothing of substance to post here without my stomach killing me, but consider this a test post to see if I’ve also gotten WordPress to successfully coordinate with my Facebook page. Zuckerlings in particular: good evening.